Death should take me while I am in the mood.
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i scrolled down for an explanation and there wasn’t one but i think i’m ok with that

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Salvador Dali, Summer.

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 The Most Beautiful And Colorful Houses 

1. Istanbul, Turkey

2. Mykonos, Greece

3. Rainbow House In Brooklyn

4. Rainbow House In Usa

5. Zamość, Poland

6. Colorful House In Nippes, Cologne, Germany

7.Carabanchel 24 Building In Madrid, Spain

8. Colorful House In San Francisco

9. Music Playing House Wall

10. A House That Should Really Be In The Land Of Oz

11 Classic Works of Art Re-Imagined With People Of Color

Experts told this artist her dream was impossible. It’s a good thing she didn’t listen.

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Emma Dajska (Poznań, Poland) - 1: Untitled (3), 2012  2: Pola In Grief At Rudolph’s Grave, 2012  3: Accidental Collage, 2013  4: Do It Yourself, 2011  5: Greenland Redland, 2009  6: Belly Bird, 2009  7: Untitled  8: Cloud Of Color, 2009    Collages

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Gustav Klimt, The Beethoven Frieze (detail), 1902

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