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Gustav Klimt - Death and Life, 1916

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Head juggler…

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Charles Bukowski reading poetry, smoking and drinking wine (via Famous With Books)


camille + river | by rick ochoa


I laughed about this so hard in government class with my friend

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Dear Ninja & Trouble,

I sent you a message less than an hour ago saying how much I love your blog, and how I want to submit to it, but haven’t taken a picture that seemed good enough yet. After sending it, I realized how stupid it all seemed and said “fuck it!” My sexuality has been a struggle for me since I was 12, and just now at 20, I’m finally comfortable with it.

This photo was taken over the weekend, and it’s of my favorite person and I. While cellphone shots aren’t the prettiest, there was something about my lipstick on her chest that I wanted to capture. 

- luciferslittlecunt

Oh my, this photo is very sexy and reminds me of some very special times I’ve had with ladies in lipstick myself. I will agree that the quality of the cell phone camera doesn’t do this moment justice, but the thoughts it inspires are more than worthy of NN this week. Glad you went against your instincts and chose to submit anyways. I hope you two feel encouraged to take more photos with SS in mind.

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Life drawing by Wil Freeborn

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Nobuyoshi Araki, Self, life, death by Atelier Dyakova